Sneak Peek: Christmas Cards!

 I want to share some of the Christmas cards that we mailed out last week. I'm not going to get into how busy the last few weeks have been because, well, hasn't everyone in the world been swamped for the last month? But I managed to sit down and spend some time on some crafty cards and I was pretty happy with the results. 

They took the better part of a Sunday but it was really nice to just sit quietly and work on something with my hands. Initially, Chris and I had discussed drawing something and then silkscreening all the cards. But of course, the weeks got away from us and since I don't have the proper silkscreening emulsions, I couldn't really print them up at home. I decided instead, to use the things I had on hand: my typewriter, some watercolours and some thick cardstock. Above is the first stage of creation - I typed a simple message on each (nearly 30 of them!) and even remembered to make some of them bilingual! 

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