Baby Wish Lust: Poketo Mobile + Some News!

Lately, I've been away from this little corner of the internet because my computer is possibly fried but generally I have been so pathetic at posting these last few months because I've been busy working on something else. I'm pregnant!

I'm almost twenty weeks now and it has been really, incredibly wonderful to watch my body do what it will do. It really just does get to its plan and sort of takes over - regardless of your work or plans or social life. The first trimester had minor nausea (nothing too extreme, luckily) and I'm not sleeping great but other than general fatigue, I really can't complain. We had our first ultrasound on Friday and it was pretty magical to see our lovely little one hanging out inside me. It's finally starting to sink in on a more real level that pretty soon - sometime in early-mid June - there will be another member in our family. I love my husband and three useless cats so much already, it's so hard for me to even begin to fathom what a little baby will do to my heart. We're very excited over here about all the new changes that are just waiting to unfold and so thrilled that we're doing it together.

Above: The Themis Mobile from Poketo - one of the best mobiles I've ever seen. Period.


escapade said...

Whole heartedly approve of this selection - Poppy will love it!!

Felicitations, congratulations + makorokoto Millers!!

amanda jane said...

wow!!! That's such great news!!!

KERRY said...

Yay! Congratulations! That’s wonderful news :) Happy small person growing and lots of good wishes from London x

t a n y a said...

hugs to you and hubby on your wonderful, happy news! glad to hear the first trimester wasn't so bad. You're going to have a June bug!! Lovely!

Stefanie Lynn said...

Congratulations to you & Chris! With both your genes, your offspring will be absolutely gorgeous. All the best.