Inspiration: Sunken Treasure

I'm pretty happy that my computer is still alive after the mishap earlier this week, I poured rice all over my keyboard in a desperate attempt to resuscitate my little machine. I'm happy to report it seems to be working as it usually does - well!

Here are a few snippets from Sunken Treasure. I spent a few afternoons over the holidays, scrolling through the archives. The images and creativity are really just lovely. Seriously, the whole blog is fantastic. I love Sophie's sense of colour and composition - especially that shot of pumpkin silk.

On another note, lately all I can daydream about is a house in the woods - but these beautiful European city-scape pictures make me feel like this alternate reality wouldn't be bad either.

Images from here.


Fen and Ned said...

I'm glad the computer survived! have a lovely weekend :)
sarah xx

Punctuation Mark said...

i hate when you spill on your computer... it's complete chaos... ha!