Written Work: Kinfolk Magazine Vol.3

I finally received my copy of Kinfolk magazine Vol. 3 and just as suspected, it is superb.
Everything from the paper to the photography to the layout is so thoughtfully executed and I'm so thrilled to have contributed a written piece for this issue.

Find me on page 35 where I discuss how my husband and I revisit the places that became sacred to us during our courting period - when we were just getting to know each other and fall in love. Working on the piece made me realize how important the simple traditions are for us as a couple and for our future as a family. Soon there will be three of us and I can't wait to keep building on our special spots.

Buy your copy here.
iPad Version here.

The images above are mine but the beautiful photography for the piece was contributed by Celine Kim.
Congrats (and thanks!) to Nathan and Amanda Jane who always inspire with their work and really know how to put it all together.

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