This Lovely Life

 It has been absolute madness around here lately.
May was filled to the brim with just about everything you can fit into a month.
We moved homes.
There were six birthdays.
Two baby showers.
Two mother's days.
And to top everything off on the last day of the month we received the best gift ever -
a perfect little boy that has made me realize just how deep love can grow.
He came twelve days early and I can't stop smelling his head.

[Above images from the lovely baby shower that my wonderful friends threw for me - styling and images by Cambie Design. Last image is of my darling.]


KERRY said...

Oh wonderful news! Congratulations Maria :) x

Chris said...

Enjoying his naps. Just like Mama.

Emma at The Marion House Book said...

congratulations! what a beautiful shower. hope you're surviving the first days of motherhood.