Art at Home

These paper balls were part of our wedding decorations. I have been hanging onto them for just over two years now wondering how I could reuse them because I really loved their colours. A few nights ago, I found myself standing on a side table, pulling some black thread through each one and arranging them - at first randomly and then with a bit of a plan - to make this little installation for our bedroom. It's a great contrast against the dark blue wall (which for some reason is turning out black in these photos) but I love the shape they produced and they have been a welcomed pop of colour for the space. 

We are trying to get a second wind for sprucing the apartment up, having only gotten to do some minor painting and hang a few pieces of art this past May before Felix arrived and we were too busy to care about anything else. I'm the worst for second winds whenever we move into a new space. I have lots of energy at the beginning but then I quickly lose steam. I wish I was better at the constant tweaking like some of my lady friends are but I'm just too lazy. There, I said it! I'm trying to be better about getting organized so that I feel better in our home. I have to just remind myself how happy I am when I put a little time into a project and get the awesome results above.

So here's to some constant improvements, some art at home and a little bit of colour in your life.

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Amanda Jane Jones said...

adore these! What a lovely decoration.