InteriorLust: Masanori Oji

I wish I could blame autumn for my recent fascination with brass but that's not the only reason I've been craving the warmth and energy of this wonderfully hued material. Something about brass feels so earthy yet modern, polished yet industrial and I kind of wish a owned a house so I could start replacing all its hardware with lots of brass. It's got a certain kind of cool factor, no?

The lovely pieces above are by Japanese designer Masanori Oji. I discovered his work through my Mjolk stalking last week and have been drooling over these designs ever since. I love the simplicity and the execution of each piece and how the choice of metal just brings everything alive with a soft shimmer and glow.

2. Bottle openers (yes, really! Have you ever seen a bottle opener look this classy?)
3. Pendant lights

All images are from Oji and Design

1 comment:

escapade said...

Love, love, love!!

However, a bottle opener this beautiful might make me want to open bottles all day long... it's a slippery slope...