Interior Lust: Mjolk

There are certain sites I will always visit for inspiration. Some of them are "mommy blogs," where I read about family life, birth and breast feeding. Others are lifestyle blogs. Some are tumblr sites where I go when I want to imagine I live off in some cabin somewhere and bake pies on my reclaimed wood kitchen island (you know, fantasy land?). And other sites are just for feeding my need to see really, really, really good design. Mjolk's online shop is just that.

Mjolk is located here in the Junction area of Toronto, and is run by John Baker and Juli Daoust. The whole shop - both the actual store and online site - is dedicated to wonderfully designed (and carefully selected) furniture and home accessories. The focus here is Scandinavian design but there are plenty of Japanese artists to go around too. Having been visited Mjolk, I can honestly say that it feels more like a gallery space than a retail store. The beauty here (and really, John and Juli's strength) is how well-curated the whole collection is and how evident the simple utility of each piece is. Form and function are side by side.  

I picked a few of my favourite items from the online shop above. I loved the colour schemes and the simplicity of each of the pieces. Something about this collection feels like a very modern autumn to me.

1. Dala horse, made in Sweden
2. Linen tablecloth by Yumiko Sekine of Fog Linen 
3. Linum big bowls by Finnish ceramicist Nathalie Lahdenmäki 
4. Small glasses  by Japanese glass artist Tsuji Kazumi

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*All of the above images are from Mjolk

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escapade said...

Love these two and their own aethestic - so tightly put together throughout. The mix of Japanese and Scandinavian product is just perfect.