Life, Lately

Everyone told me how quickly time would go by in the early days of motherhood. The truth is that it is just not fast - it actually flies by. Zooming past you before you can ever really figure it out. Those first days out of the gate are a haze; not only because you are not sleeping well but because now, three and half months later, I have such a different baby. His face has changed so much already. He's huge and feels so sturdy. He smiles and laughs and reacts. But most of all he is so much more him now. His actions and reactions seem so much more owned lately. 

And I'm so excited to watch it all unfold before me. He's been my little partner for the last few months and I feel like I have earned every single smile he decides to give me. I've been working so hard for him! His food/naps/comfort/needs all before everything else. Before my sleep/shower/breakfast/lunch/work/reading/time-off. I wouldn't ask for any of those missed things back but heck, it sure feels good to get a toothless grin as a reward. I wake up and he sees me, big eyes all wide recognizing me and then it's a smile. That is gold. 

Above Image: This is what my life has been looking like lately. We picked up some books for Felix at a thrift store and he's been enjoying them. He's not quite old enough to "get" what is going on in them but I think he likes the colours and he does actually follow the flow of the pages (or so it seems!). I've also been managing to do some reading, usually while breastfeeding and it's been nice to get back into books and magazines because well, I just love them so much! The September Vogue is obscenely large and I read that when baby boy was napping since it was hard to hold 910+ pages with one hand.

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