Dinner Party Dreams

I want to host a dinner party. Actually, I'd love to host a series of them or maybe one giant one where all the different people in the different areas of my life come together and eat good food and drink lots. We don't currently have a large dining table (and definitely not the beautiful set up pictured above) but don't guests always end up sitting around the coffee table to chat anyways? Our friends do! (Although maybe that's because we don't have a proper dining table?) Regardless, it's nice to welcome people into your home and make them things. I roasted a whole chicken a few weeks ago that was, if I may get boastful, very delicious and gave me a good dose of culinary pride. I'm good with seasoning and I love using the oven since it's baby friendly because it's cooking by itself while you play with the baby. 

This weekend is the beginning of the fall holiday season - we'll be over at friend's tomorrow evening and we've got family plans on Sunday and the holiday Monday. It'll be nice to eat lots of turkey and treats. The holidays can sometimes feel burdened with planning and busyness but you do it because it's nice to get everyone together. A worthwhile ordeal. It's a good kind of chaos. 

This time last year we told our families that we were having a baby. It still felt so unbelievable at the point - and goodness! - how far away it seemed from the realness of an actual baby. Now that baby is four months, nearing eighteen pounds and showing me more of his personality every day. The adventure just keeps growing.

*Image from Tarafirma - the dinner party post is here.

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