Interior Lust: Eye Swoon at Tales of Endearment

When I am imaging the whole "how would I do my house if I had a house and budget to do a house" dream, I am torn between different styles. There's a part of me that loves colour - I really really want a navy velvet couch and have for years now - especially jewel tones because of their saturation and the elegance they lend a space. But then I see black and white done right and well, that's always such an awesome combination. I go between liking the whole vintage/rustic/reclaimed vibe and then really simple modern design. I'm not sure if I'd be able to zero in on one look that fits me the best. I'm the worst shopper in the world. I'm so indecisive and have buyer's remorse almost instantly on a lot of what I shop for even if it's something that really is not a big deal in the function of my everyday life. I got a new phone. Bought a teal case on impulse at the store. Had had had to return it by the next day because I couldn't stop thinking about all the reasons it was driving me crazy, couldn't let go of how much better I thought the white case would be and couldn't let it go until I exchanged it. It's really quite pathetic! 

But on to the lovely photos above. They are from interior designer Athena Calderone's home in Amagasett, NY and I think the whole house is just awesome. The vintage pieces are sobered by the modern lines and clean palette. The colour accents are eye-catching but not too much and the whole thing stinks with personality. It looks lived in and loved; curated yet cozy. I love how balanced and eccentric it is. This is the vibe I'd want for my space - cool but approachable. A discovery but first and foremost, a home.

Found a while ago over at Tales of Endearment

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