Good Morning 2011

It's here. 2011.
Welcome new year. How was your trip in?
I bet you feel a little weird. Maybe some people don't want you as a guest. They didn't realize you were coming so soon and they haven't had the time to prepare your room. Maybe others couldn't wait for you to come. Maybe they were tired of old 2010 - having to lug around its baggage.

Me? I'm feeling a bit of everything. 2010 was big in a lot of things for me.
I became a wife. I made a pretty big decision NOT to go back to school and I've been trying to commit myself to a life of creativity by my own rules. It's been tough. I fought too long over bridal registries. I had to deal with planning and then not planning a move to NYC. And I've been slowly trying to teach myself the skills that will make creative-job-life into an actual income.
So 2011, in some ways you are a breath of fresh air and in other ways you are another deadline that makes me a little anxious. I won't boot you out just yet.
Let's see where you want to go.
Inspire me.

Typography art work by Isac Correa Rodrigues and Valery Golyzhenkov, respectively.
Found here.


heart charlie said...

Happy New year!! New inspirations indeed ;)

Cassandra Allen said...

Best wishes for 2011. Don't kick it out yet, follow your dreams and make that career work for you! Goodluck!

Diana Mieczan said...

Wish you an amazing year my dear:) Hugs and kisses

simone leblanc said...

happy new year! :)