Good Lunch

I'm pretty terrible at lunches on my days off. 
I'm a muncher so you will find me, at my computer, snacking on crackers, bits of cheese and maybe some salami. As delicious as this is, it's not really balanced and it's not actually that filling (unless I eat half a box of crackers, which may or may not happen from time to time).
So yesterday, I decided to actually stop what I was doing and eat some proper lunch. 
It was not some culinary miracle or anything but I did oven-roast that turkey and cheddar sandwich and I ended up having two small bowls of salad. It was delicious and satisfying. 
Not featured is the ton of cranberry juice I drink. 
Even when I water it down, it's still an obscene amount.

I think that there is something really refreshing about stop to have a nice lunch.
When I'm at work, I'll sometimes spend a little extra just to order something that requires cutlery. Cutlery can make you feel civilized again if shipments have come in late or if some customer decided YOU were the person who was going to get her wrath.


Heart Charlie said...

Mmmm delicious lunch!! In answer to your comment, I am with you, I usually pick the classic colours ;)

dulci said...

oh yes...that's a good lunch.


Diana Mieczan said...

Yummy...I love this lunch and I totally agree. There is something so lovely about taking a little break and having something delicious to eat! happy Monday, my dear