Nail Love Affair

I have been a long-time nail biter.
Not biter actually, more like I run the edge of my nails against the edge of my tooth. (That sounds terrible when I type it out). So I'm sort of lucky that my nails don't look like I bite them too much - no inflamed edges, no nail growing into the skin - but they break constantly. Plus, my nails peel. Literally. In layers, like an onion. Once they snag, I know it's only a matter of time before they begin to peel and then I've got to trim down whatever little growth I managed to get. It's only until recently that I have gotten my nails "done" at a salon. When I was seventeen all I wanted was acrylic length, which is a surefire way to DESTROY your nails. Mine would peel for weeks on end when I removed the acrylic nails. It was terrible.

I've started to use a base coat for my at home nail polish sessions. And it's worked so well. It's made all the difference. My manicure may not be perfect but my nails can put up with so much more. And since they are sealed, they don't snag the way they used to. 
I was just thinking though, that I may need to let them breathe for a while (I've been wearing my grey/lilac shade for 3 weeks now) when I read this funny post by Garance DorĂ©. It seems she has spent an entire year getting professional manicures - only to have her nails end up in a bad state anyway. There's no winning!

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danica said...

oh, the perils of nails. i keep my short and generally unadorned, as i am terrible with keeping them looking good and always manage to chip my polish within one minute of it drying.